Tuesday, October 13th
About Speeddating.com

About Speeddating.com

We're a team of women who understand and can communicate what it takes to get married, stay happily married and build strong bonds with children and parents.

Here are our credentials: We've been helping singles, couples and parents for over 10 years. More importantly, each of us is married for over 15 years and have children. We would all say that today our relationship with our husband is stronger and more loving that it was on the day of our wedding.

An added credential: we were all born and reside on planet Earth. Consequently, none of us live in a fairytale world of happily every after. We all have faced and continue to face challenges, some little, some big and some huge. We know how to use those challenges to help deepen and strengthen relationships, with our spouse, our children and others. We can teach all this to anyone with a sincere desire to build strong, loving lifelong relationships.


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