Tuesday, October 13th
Fast Track to Marriage: Find & Remove Your Blind Spots

Fast Track to Marriage: Find & Remove Your Blind Spots

If you know you don't know something, you stand a chance because you can ask the right questions, investigate and learn. If you don't know you don't know something you have a blind spot and blind spots are dangerous. For example, the woman who confuses "polite" with "kind" and ends up consistently dating men who open car doors but wouldn't think twice about cheating.

How does a person gain visibility to her blind spots? One strategy we recommend is that you turn to someone who can offer you a different , hopefully wiser, perspective along with practical, sound advice.

This person (or people) must have what you are looking to find. While commiserating with single friends may make you feel better in the moment, be wary of the advice you receive from people who have not achieved what you seek. If your goal includes a strong, happy relationship after 10 years of marriage, the person you turn to for advice must have this already. If no one in your life has what you are looking for, or these people don't have enough time to give you, hire someone who does. The perspective and advice you receive from a qualified mentor can help you find your spouse more quickly and with a lot less pain.

We'd evaluate on 3 criteria in this order of importance: 1) Have they achieved what you are looking for? 2) Can they communicate in clear, common sense terms how they achieved it? And finally, 3) if they are charging a fee what is their track record for successfully helping people achieve their goal(s)?

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