Wednesday, October 7th
Are you dating your illusion?

Are you dating your illusion?

Humans live in thought. We're wired to think all the time, night and day. Get a handle on your thoughts and you've found your ticket to freedom. Ignore your thoughts and you imprison yourself within your own subjective perspective.

Do you have a relative or family friend who knew you as a child 10, 20, 30 years ago and to this day still sees you as were then, not as you are today? And no matter what you do, it fails to shake off their out-dated perception of you? If so, this is what we are talking about. A person can unknowingly use their powers of imagination to create an illusion that looks and feels real to them, but is completely false. And no matter what proof the person witnesses to the contrary, they still see their illusion, not reality.

An accurate assessment of your date is critical. So what's the antidote if we're all susceptible to our own powerful imaginations? The antidote is humility. Simply being aware that your perception might be illusory, not Reality, enables your mind to be open to another perception, a new thought. And then from that place of humility you can evaluate which of the thoughts that come into your mind are true and which are false.

Don't take our word for it. Test it out. The next time you hear yourself making a judgment, stop for a minute. Step back. Be open to that judgment being illusory. And then see if a new thought comes to mind.


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