Saturday, October 10th
Soul mate: Have you found yours?

Soul mate: Have you found yours?

Soul mates are couples who have an ability to communicate with each other more quickly and deeply than they can communicate with others. Additionally, soul mates can uniquely help each other achieve their potential. While this sounds romantic, the reality of living with your soul mate can be challenging at times because all relationships, even the most destined for success, take work. And that work can entail taking a hard look at yourself and how you can take responsibility for improving the relationship.

Are you wondering if you found you soul mate? Answer yes to these questions and you probably have.

  1. I can list several character traits about my date that I respect and admire. And he can list several about me that he respects and admires.
  2. I support my date's values (I respect what he sees as most important in life) and vice versa.
  3. I can visualize myself actively being supportive of my date's goals in life
  4. We've discussed challenges we may face and are prepared to live with or handle those challenges
  5. I'm aware of at least one of my date's character flaws and I'm okay with living with his flaw(s). And vice versa
  6. We are attracted to each other
  7. I've actively worked to improve an aspect of my character and so has my date.


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