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What's the goal of the first date?

What's the goal of the first date?

The goal of the first date is simply to see if you enjoy spending time together.

As simple as this sounds, many people can't do it. A common reason is because people become busy in their mind analyzing the date while in the midst of the date.

Analysis is important. However, there is a time and place for it. During the date is not the time or the place for analysis because a person is where their thoughts are. If someone is thinking about how the date is going, analyzing the date's behavior or focusing on other extraneous thoughts they are not technically on a date. Their body is on a date, but their mind is miles away.

Analyzing while on a date also blocks a person's ability to hear what the other person is saying. If you are analyzing while your date is talking you are missing what he is actually saying. Your mouth may be closed and your ears may be open, but your head will be full of your own thoughts, not the words your date is speaking.

After the date is the time to reflect back and think about the date. What were your impressions of the person? Did you have an enjoyable time? Do you want to discuss the date with a friend or mentor? How do you feel about him? Do you want to date him again? Analyze a way!

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